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Regulating Blood Sugar

In order to keep healthy, it is very essential to regular blood sugar. Regulating blood sugars is an essential part of weight management and the maintenance of overall health. Blood sugar is a term which is familiar to diabetics. However, the concept is that everyone should understand because it ha a major impart on weight management and maintenance of overall health. Blood sugar is a measurement of glucose in the blood and it fluctuates with the foods that we eat. Blood sugar levels that are either too high or too low are very damaging to the body and can cause severe issues with weight.

Foods like carbohydrates are broken down into sugars in the body. This increases our blood sugar and tells the pancreas to secrete a hormone called insulin. This unlocks our cells and allows the sugar to enter, thus leaving the blood stream and lowering process allows the sugar to then be burned through physical activity or stored as fat. Overtime, with an over consumption of carbohydrates and a lack of physical exercise, the body can become resistant to insulin and it may start to require more to get the blood sugar level to come back down. This is one of the first signs that type 2 diabets may be a problem in the future. It is a signal that the body has to work very hard to maintain a steady blood sugar level. The result is that blood sugar levels remain high for long periods of time.

When the blood sugar levels remain dangerously high for too long period, it may be diagnosed as type 2 diabets. Consistently high blood sugar levels can cause a major and severe health problem with kidneys. It can also cause neuropathy, especially in the hands and feet and can sometimes result in the amputation of limbs. There are may serious health consequences associated with high blood sugar levels.

Regulating blood sugar level is really important for everyone. It has a large impact on how we feel mentally and physically. It can also play a major role in weight (gaining and losing). Learning to regulate blood sugars is especially important for anyone who has a family history of diabetes. Stablizing blood sugar levels is easy with diet adjustments. Sugar is one of the biggest health threats. If you are a sugar addict, avoid this for ever. Replace sodas with herbal teas and water. Eliminate sugar from your morning coffee, start drinking it black.

Quick Tip #1

Recent research has suggested that caffeine may be responsible of elevating blood sugar levels, especially after meals. Please consult your doctor on what you can have and what you cannot.

Quick Tip #2

People who have type 2 diabetes should get involved in an exercise regimen. Exercising has also been know to help diabetic patients get rid of there medications.

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