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How To Lower Blood Sugar

To those who suffer with diabetes, whether of type 1 or type 2, one of their over-riding concerns is how to reduce high blood sugar. This is usually accomplished by a combination of measures that include introducing a controlled diet, a change in life style to increase exercise and reduce weight and finally medication.

For type 1 sufferers the medication is insulin administered via injection, and lately, a system called the insulin jet system, that avoids the use of needles. It is administered by a nozzle against the skin of the arms, thighs, buttocks or stomach. The insulin travels at such high speed that it penetrates through the skin without the use of a needle.

For type 2 sufferers, the high blood sugar reduction is achieved by similar means to the type 1 process, except that insulin is not required. Instead, medication designed to reduce the sugar output of the liver is prescribed. The reduction in the sugar output of the liver, in conjunction with the dietary changes, and life style modifications, is usually sufficient to lower the blood sugar to normal levels.

Away from the medical treatments, which should always be pursued by anyone suffering from high blood sugar levels, there have been some recent success stories reported. In one recent study, it was discovered that a half teaspoon of cinnamon powder could significantly lower the blood sugar levels of diabetics. Even the effect of soaking a cinnamon stick in your tea can bring about these reductions.

In a controlled study, participants exhibited reductions, on average, 20% lower than the control group. This one discovery alone could help millions of people who may have blood sugar problems but, as yet, are unaware of it.

By helping to lower the blood sugar levels, they will be reducing the likelihood of more serious health risks at a later stage in life. The risks being eye, kidney and nerve damage and damage to small blood vessels, which has been known to result in amputations.

Not only sufferers from both types of diabetes could benefit from this relatively inexpensive method of lowering high blood sugar, but it could lower the risks for millions who may develop more identifiable symptoms, if their problem remains hidden and untreated.

Quick Tip #1

Recent research has suggested that caffeine may be responsible of elevating blood sugar levels, especially after meals. Please consult your doctor on what you can have and what you cannot.

Quick Tip #2

People who have type 2 diabetes should get involved in an exercise regimen. Exercising has also been know to help diabetic patients get rid of there medications.

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