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Awareness is the first step towards achieving good health. It should be the philosophy of everybody to make awareness among the people so that any disease can be prevented or minimized. The blood sugar level is the amount of sugar in the blood. It is also known as serum glucose level, which is expressed as millimoles per litre. Normally, blood sugar level stay within narrow limits through the day. But they are higher after meals and usually lowest in the morning.

In diabetes the blood sugar level moves outside these limits until treated. Even with good control of diabetes, the blood sugar level will still at times drift outside this normal range.

For various reasons, when very high levels of blood glucose are present for years, it leads to damage of the small blood vessels. This in turn increases risk of developing late-stage diabetes complications such as eye-disease, kidney disease, nerve disease, heart attach, hypertension, heart failure, stroke etc. By keeping the blood sugar level stable, one can significantly reduce his / her risk of these complications.

One can learn to measure blood sugar levels simply and quickly with a home blood glucose level testing kit. All kits have atleast two things - a measuring device and a strip. To check the blood sugar level, put a small amount of blood on the strip. Now place the strip into the device. After about 30 seconds, it will display the blood glucose level. The best way to take a blood sample is by pricking your finger with a sharp lancet that's designed to penetrate the skin only as far as needed to draw a drop of blood.

In broad terms, people have two types of diabetes. The people who have first type of diabet should measure their blood sugar level daily before meals. Some days one or two tests can be done, while on others four or five might be needed. Measuring blood sugar levels in the morning before any food gives an indication of the amount of insulin needed overnight. The people having second type of tablet are treated with tablets or a special diet. They should measure their blood glucose level once or twice a week - either before meals or 90 minutes after a meal. They should also doa 24-hour profile once or twice a month. This means measuring glucose levels before each meal. Not everyone with type 2 diabets needs to carry out regular blood glucose checks.

For elderly people and those with other medical problems, it is often enough to check the urine for glucose - usually before breakfast and the evening meal. This is because while good control of diabetes is important, heart ailments are the main cause of serious illness and death in people with this type of diabetes. So the people with Type 2 diabet will benefit from tackling the factors that contribute to their cardiovascular risk by controlling blood pressure more rigorously, lowering cholesterol levels with medication, increasing or starting exercise, stopping smoking.

Quick Tip #1

Recent research has suggested that caffeine may be responsible of elevating blood sugar levels, especially after meals. Please consult your doctor on what you can have and what you cannot.

Quick Tip #2

People who have type 2 diabetes should get involved in an exercise regimen. Exercising has also been know to help diabetic patients get rid of there medications.

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