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Continuous Glucose Monitor

Diabetics all over are using continuous glucose monitoring to give them hope.

This new device, though in its experimental stage, monitors the blood sugar in diabetics and tells them if it falls very low. Scientists having been trying for years to discover this device. This kind of gadget is now available in the markets and ready for use.

The accuracy of the continuous glucose monitors still cannot be compared to that of blood tests, but researchers are hopeful that within the next couple of years it will help diabetics to do away with the standard prick method. At this stage if the monitor shows that the sugar levels are low, it still needs to be confirmed with a blood test.

Also currently these monitors are very slow in showing any rapid changes in sugar levels, like while exercising. Although the manufacturers of these products are trying there best to do away with the standard testing methods for diabetics.

People who have been using these monitors are quite comfortable with it. The patch which is worn on the abdomen could prove to be slightly uncomfortable when first worn, because of the small wire which is placed under the skin to measure cell-fluid glucose.

Although when the patch is finally in place, it proves to be quite comfortable and it uses a transmitter to transmit signals to a receiver. The receiving device used is as small as a mobile phone. A single patch can be used for a number of days before it requires any changing. By using this device diabetics can help prevent serious complications by continuously monitoring there sugar levels.

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is really looking at the reports received about the continuous glucose monitors. They are of the opinion that the control or even the elimination of diabetes is possible in the near future. This foundation is normally funded through diabetic marches and various sales of diabetic devices.

Continuing funding to this foundation will help in the further research of these monitoring devices. JRDF is also of the belief that accidents in cars can be greatly reduced by using these devices on diabetics.

Manufacturers and researchers are also using these devices along with insulin pumps, which will help in reducing the time needed to control diabetes. The research for these devices has been on since the early 60's, and the scientists finally believe that they are near there goals.

Quick Tip #1

Recent research has suggested that caffeine may be responsible of elevating blood sugar levels, especially after meals. Please consult your doctor on what you can have and what you cannot.

Quick Tip #2

People who have type 2 diabetes should get involved in an exercise regimen. Exercising has also been know to help diabetic patients get rid of there medications.

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